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About US

Uplifting Global Health through Overcome Overthinking

OvercomeOverthinking was founded in London during 2021.
At O’O simplicity is our lifestyle choice. We believe life should be easy and stress free. We live in the moment so naturally keep from overthinking. Creating balance, calm and focus. 

O’O Signature pieces remind us to value simplicity in all aspects of life. 


Our mission

Spreading awareness of overthinking.

Helping to recognise triggers of overthinking.

Teaching that overthinking has a huge impact on our physical and mental wellbeing.


Advising on a tool kit to maintain emotional control.


Avoiding breaking point.

Rising up to feel good is our goal.

What is Overthinking? 

When we give too much time and attention to a thought or feeling.
When we dwell on small things that have little meaning. Causing you to feel stress and anxiety.

→ If this happens to you, you may be an overthinker.

How to Overcome?

  • Focus on being creative.
  • Be mindful of unhelpful thoughts.
  • Release memories of the past.
  • Live in the present moment concentrating on the here and now. 
  • Expand the moment by paying attention to the details